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Posted By wanjie on Oct 9, 2010 at 8:57AM

hey sugars...


feel free to visit my new blog (;









i miss blogging !!!

Posted By wanjie on Sep 30, 2010 at 7:45PM

zomg,it's been almost 1 month never update my blog..!!
efffiiiinnn miss my blog );
i guess nowadays no one likes to read my blog anymore
cz i seldom update it due to no internet connection at new house TT

anyway,the technician will be coming my house and instaill UNIFI next week !(;
yeaps,UNIFI not STREAMYX anymore :DD
i will get to experience the faster speed up to 5Mbps !!
imagine u just need to take few min or even less than a min to download a song
and dont have to wait freaking long for buffering the online videos!!
woohoo~ cant wait !


been busying for study lately );
having trials now and still got 1 more week to go
time passed fast,tmr will be the month of october !
hopefully everythings go smoothly next month (;
i been study like a nerd nowadays
and im happy that i can feel my add math has improved !! :D
not gonna give up on any subjects from now on
im gonna achieve my goal no matter what (;

i miss f4's life so badly!
wish to go back those honeymoon days );
just another 2 months,then im gonna free like a bird !!

ohhh..yeaa..!i been learning driving since few weeks ago
im still not really good in it but i will practice more
cant wait to be a legal driver,hehe!
atleast i will get my P license earlier than kawai :P BLERHH!!


ALRIGHT....time to ciao ciao ! );
i got tons of pictures havent updates yet
im sure my friends cant wait to get all the photos that i had edited nicely for them
will upload all of them soon dears!be patient!! (;



love ya! (;



jie <3



happy (;

Posted By wanjie on Aug 29, 2010 at 3:08AM


im really happy (;



if you can hear me

Posted By wanjie on Aug 26, 2010 at 12:40AM



if you can hear the voices from the bottom of my heart
if you can feel the heart beats of mine
please dont break my fragile heart </3


teenage dream

Posted By wanjie on Aug 15, 2010 at 9:06PM









started my post with my berry-chubby-and-happy face of mine (;


as you can see,my face is really round and big as a bread ><
im happy and satisfied with my life now , atleaast
i got many friends that love me always ,
i have a boyf that pamper me a lot
i have a caring family
sometimes my life rocks in my own way , hehe (;
im happy with everything that im dealing with everyday
studies might be really tough,
but still i cant wait the life after exam,im so gonna have a trip
with my beloved boyf and all the bro & sis (; (;
so just study hard and stick to the effin books
trust me,after this you'll have your freedom back ;)



i have a berry berry loveable boyf that sayang me much :DD
if you guys noticed that im getting fatter,that's because of him !
he feeds me every single meal when we're together
and always cook for me,bring me go around to find the best food in town
idiot him always make me gain weight but he is still as thin as a stick!!
although i hate him for making me FAT FAT FAT
but i still love him , teehee (; he is really understanding man
and always motivates me to study hard
besides he is also the reason i stop clubbing,heh!
love my bi banyak banyaknya (;


this week was great,everything went well
except for friday i cant get up to school
i tried my really best NOT to skip school especially during chinese period
but then that day i was too tired for planning my best friend's birthday
so yea,mr bong is so gonna hates me and kill me tomorrow );


anyway back to the friday
ohh..it was FRIDAY THE 13TH
plus...it was chinese's ghost festival
hahaha..scary and creepy right?
me and my dtb's celebrated yueh sern's be-advanced birthday at
tasty pot steamboat buffet at sunway
we celebrated 2 weeks earlier because our trial is coming soon );
and this is supposed to be a surprise party
but the damn birthday boy ruined it !
eff you sern,seriously !
we had our dinner quite late cz few of them had tuition at night
my bi tagged along too , and he ate the grilled crab the most -.-
seriously i dont know what's so nice about crab ,uhh
all of us had a great time , love hanging with them (;
after dinner suppose to go genting with them
but sadly the boyf dont want drive to there
and i got undang class for the next day ,im soo regret bout that!!


noob yueh sern!! the birthday boy..
spot the shell of the crab on the left?
my boyf ate all of them -.-


ohh,,yea..another reason im happy is
hehe....u guys must be wondering what my mum did
to make me so in-love with her recently? *ewww*
friday that day me & my daughter,yeo jeong went to ou
and shopping around..
then i saw this freaking high white killing heels in a shop
so i fall for it and i want it!!
i made a phone call with my mum and told her bout that
guess what,my mummy was soo good and she went to ou meet me up
and then she kept complaint bout all my outfit that in grey&white
which is look so dull...so she bought another 2 dresses for me
and wanted me to change immediately
i was like,whoa!? is this my mum?
and then later on she bought the heels that i fall for
this made my day,week & month!
i look so tall now,with my white killing heels (;
will upload the pic next time ,heh!


outfit of friday (;


after the celebration went to royal oak @jaya one
with the boyf and his friends
had some drink before went home
his friends were nice and friendly
and funny , LOL :P


went home quite late but have to wake up early the next day
stupid wei jiun kept calling early in the morning
quicly dressed up myself and went to undang
i wore a long sleeves formal white shirt with a hot pants
and when i reached there,im not allowed to go in
so yea,just fuck it .. i cant ask my boyf came back and fetch me
home to change it right?
so yea... i have to say im the 'outstanding' one of the day
wei jiun know the stories , LOL


after undang the boyf came to pick me & wj
dropped wj home then went to bi's house for while
cz his mum cook lunch for me ...
i really dont want to eat but then the mother already cook );
rest for while then have to get ready for dinner at ampang
hmmm road journey again,he hates it :P
too bad i cant drive
wai loon followed us for the dinner too
camwhored in his car while we were waiting others :P






nice hair day?love the curl... !!
i was wearing the dress that mum bought for me , hee !
spot wai loon at the back? and the pink berry cute devil of mine <3


the dinner was so damn long!!
it was some dinner for the ghost festival & charity
we waited for soo long only get to eat and took
really long time for the next dish );
it was really bored and i got nothing to do
so keep updating my twitter :P


after dinner went to curve to pick my daughter
then my boyf was craving for kfc
so we drive all the way to jalan universiti there for kfc , LOL
after that,home sweet home (;


my weekends is only 48 hours but
full of fun (; that's the reason i love it
but from next week onwards i might not going out anymore
cz of the damn trial , SOB
i miss clubbing,too );
and miss all the bro & sis as well....


all the best for all the f5 students in trials (;
hell time!








missing the days

Posted By wanjie on Aug 11, 2010 at 8:28PM

my days are so lifeless and , dead 
accompanied by chem,add math & sejarah everyday );
gosh i fucking hate this kind of life,stressful !
but lucky i still manage to make myself relax a bit on weekends
fri & sat are the happiest day of the week , cause i get to meet
my bi & bro sis... whee ;DD


celebrated ming you's birthday at klang couple weeks ago
it was xiang's plan to have some seafoods dinner there
everyone went except for kawai cz of some reasons -.-
im happy that my bi tagged along too , wheee !
the seafood there was awesome
but too bad im not allowed to eat too much of seafood
due to skin allergic );
i wanted to try the prawn & crab at the same time
but my mr Big don't allow me to do that so .... SOB



awesomeness !!! forgotten where is it



they are everything to me (;


besides that,im still allowed to hang out with my daughter,yeo jeong every weekends
i shall stop it, i know...
but that';s the only day that i feel so fresh without books!
books irritate me but i have to see it everyday );
godbless i will get good result in this trial because it meant a lot for me
and nowadays my body been so weak until i almost fall sick everyWEEK
lol,that's really bother me a lot especially when im studying
couldn't concentrate much when im headache,stomachache & etc etc
i wanna have a strong body ); SOB



i miss those days hang out with my bro & sis without under any stress
i miss those moment !!
but it's alright... it's gonna be another 3 months only
and i can do whatever i like (;








love the way you love me

Posted By wanjie on Aug 8, 2010 at 7:06PM



camera quality sucks, ruin the pics );


i been really happy nowadays , although abit stressful bout my study
but still im satisfied my life now (;
time flies fast...it's been 1 month i together with my bi
hmm maybe more than that ?hehe
i didnt regret the decision i had made...
at least im happy now
and im glad most of my friends support my decision



i seldom get to meet him cz he gotta work
and i gotta study );
one week only can meet like once,or maybe few hours );
but i appreciate every moment i spend with him
and i choose to reveal our relationship cz im serious with him
my bi been really nice to my bro and sis too (:
and tolerate with me always..


bi even cook for me!awww >... <
fyi, im the one who always cook for ppl..
and he is a good chef , teehee
im proud of my man !


i love the way you hold my hand
i love the way you hug me
i love the way you kiss my forehead
i love the way u whispered beside my ear
i love the way u say you love me





dont screw your priceless friendship

Posted By wanjie on Aug 1, 2010 at 10:27PM

love my curls (; DIY *



im so gonna get heart attack soon!

sometimes i just dont understand why someone could be so selfish
and never think bout others feeling
i feel so heart broke whenever have to quarrel with her
she's really important to me and i treat her as my family,my sister,my friend
i even risk my life for protect her all the time
in the end i get what in return?
nothing but getting scolded,wtf?



i treasure every friendship i have
and to be honest i think i treat her is better than any of my friend
although we just know each other for like... 5 months?
it doesnt matter for me
friendship doesnt count on the time we had been through
it's the responsibilities to drag myself risk everything go for her
how many tears that i've fall for her
she dont even understand how painful am i
i heart her more than my family and my bf
she's just like my daughter



she might be hate me cz she said i over-controlled her
i rather she hates me than put her in danger
if she could think mature like a grown up
i wouldnt shouted at her at public like a mad woman
yes,she drives me mad and crazy
i wouldn't scold my friend for no reason
they knew i wont
she's the first one that i ever yelled at my friend
i scold her because i love her
and i fucking dont want repeat the same mistake again
one mistake is enough for me and her bf
until today we still can't forgive ourselves
that;s why we swear we will risk everything just to protect her
so no one will ever bully her


im really getting tired of this
and what u did last night had made me fed up on you
im tired of this already,girl.....
i even sacrifice my time with my boyfie just to look after you
lucky my man always being understanding
and never scold me for that
i hate it when i have to tears infront of him because of you
i hate it when you have to make him keep waiting for you
can you please please please be understanding a bit?



im nobody to you
but when you parents sent you here
and when im still your guardian
i will fucking risk my life to protect you
my mission is make you to be a grown up
you have to understand not every mistakes that you has made
can be forgiven
this time everyone not going to trust u anymore
u broke the trust
and you have to do something and prove to us you will change
i dont know should i trust you again
but i wont control you anymore
you have your life now
and i have mine
just do whatever what you like



you are lucky have friends like us
but you seemed to not grateful at all







love the way you lie ♥

Posted By wanjie on Jul 31, 2010 at 11:29AM



omg, my blog is soo dead !



been really lazy to update my blog nowadays
kinda busy for my study as the trial is coming soon );
started to make notes for myself and also pay concentration in class
nerdy time !


anyway..im already quit clubbing on friday night
which is a good news for me (;
i rather spend my time with my love or just go someone's
house watch movie than clubbing..
well i MUST stop it before i get addicted
and now,im done with it (;


last week,i finally get my blackberry (; (;
been waiting for months and months
finally my parents get me a BB (;
im a BB user now (proud for it)
my friends know i freak BB really much
i have BB on my hand 24/7 ,LOL
and now i dont even bother bout my laptop ,heh


currently addicted to the song..



my BB ringtones too !


Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright, because I like the way it hurts ;
Just gonna stand there
and hear me cry
But that's alright, because I love the way you lie ;
I love the way you lie.






BB is the thing now ♥

Posted By wanjie on Jul 25, 2010 at 11:37AM

been waiting for months,finally ......






mine on the left , bi's on the right 



and now my bb turns into a cute devil !




add me @ BBM :

BB PIN: 227C88A0 ♥